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Why Choose Katie Elizabeth Photography

There are many reasons why Katie Elizabeth Photography is your number one choice. I offer unique photos, no time limits, and I come to your home with my portable studio.

Many photographers edit your photos using standardized Photoshop presets. This means that you get a generic gallery. I edit everything by hand, and although it takes a little bit more time, I believe it to be invaluable.  When you are searching for your photographer, you want something unique, and Katie Elizabeth Photography can give that to you. With editing everything by hand, I am still able to get clients galleries to them within two weeks time.

In my experience, 90% of photo sessions do not go according to plan. Newborns do not like every pose, toddlers have melt downs, and infants do not want to stay still. This is the reason why I do not set time limits on my photo sessions. When these situations happen, and they happen on a regular basis, photo sessions take longer. When you are working with time limits, it is not always possible to get the perfect photos you hope for. You end up leaving unsatisfied. Katie Elizabeth Photography is known for getting in the moment photos, and also getting all happy poses even when the session was full of tears.

All photo sessions are done in the comfort of your home. As a result, all of my galleries are a product of that. Generally, when doing indoor sessions I find children are more comfortable in their home. I bring my portable backdrops, backdrop stand, and props with me.

Newborn photo sessions are the most costly. The reason for this is because newborn photo sessions, on average, take about six hours to shoot. this is more then double the amount of time it takes to do any other of my photo sessions. Typically, photographers like to crunch newborn photo shoots into under 3-4 hours. As a result, their photos can look rushed, and imperfect. I take my time to make sure every single shot is perfect before I snap the shot.